13 May

Blog Bio: AAHEA Executive Editor Dr. Ken Rabac

So let me set the stage. I have had 40 year career in journalism and media and 30 years in counseling and education.  I have been clinical director and supervisor of a educational therapy clinic for 20 years.  The clinic has changed names a couple of times, but it is the same clinic through the years. I recently returned to school to acquire a doctorate in Education to facilitate improved client care at the clinic and to enhance my credentials for teaching college and writing books. I have previous Psych related doctorates, and one in Theology, though I am an avid researcher into religion, I am not religious per se.  I have been buddhist since 1968, consider it more of a philosophy than a religion.

I worked as an operations manager in the College of Humanities at the nation’s (arguably) largest university, and also taught communications and trained broadcasters.

My ten year contract ended in late December.  I have been conducting a job search since then to acquire a teaching position.  I can fully support myself with my clinic salary, but I am determined to return to the college classroom, driven by my love of teaching.

I want to blog about my experiences in job seeking in higher education as well as about accreditation, higher education and convergent media.    I was a dean of Humanities for a distance education university, as well as an online instructor and mentor for over 10 years.  When I first taught distance education, some education took place via email, but mostly it was telephone and mail.

My areas of expertise center on Participatory Action Research, Appreciative Inquiry, and Content Analysis.  In my master’s and doctoral work I dcveloped a mixed methodology  that blended quantitative analysis with qualitative based on these three approaches and statistics.  My research was conducted for eight years at our educational therapy clinic, which specializes in addictions.  I have developed Integrative Therapeutic Instruction and Transformative Self Management in my master’s and doctorate.  My post doctoral work in interdisciplinary, focusing on English, Communications, Humanities and Psychology.

I am developing a book that has a working title of Convergent Media & Interdisiplinary Higher Education, which is slated to be published at Harvard Bookstore through AAHEA.

Another area of expertise is managing  psychopaths, that is coping with individuals whose cumulative psychopathologies outweigh their mental health. I have long been fascinated with predators who subjugate others for their personal gain.  I got to spend ten years working alongside 3 psychopaths, two malignant and one benign in my job at the megaversity.

Dr.Ken Rabac AAHEA Executive Editor

Since I am based in consensual community building and constructivist learning, I want this blog to be participatory and communitarian.

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